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Busyness, delays, and whatnot…

Aug 20

Phew, I have been pretty busy with “real” life stuff…job, family, etc. With that being said, I hate to report that I *still* haven’t started my Etsy site yet. :[ It will happen eventually…it has too; I have inventory coming out of my ears! >_<

Anyway, below are a few photo manipulations I created! ^_^


oh, Internet…

Aug 08

So, it appears that my AIM Widget was somehow hacked. I’m not really sure how long it was like that too. ;_; Anyhoo, I fixed the problem, and hopefully it won’t happen again.

In other news, I should be opening my Etsy store by the end of the week! Woo-hooooo! I will keep everyone posted. ^_^